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His book Snare Force One  and accompanying video are a comprehensive guide to playing the snare drum. The material teaches you how to read music notation, play and practice in time, and how to accelerate your progress at any grade level for symphonic and marching bands. "Mission Summary Check Points" have been strategically placed along the way, letting you know when to progress. With this book, drummers at any skill level can take their speed, clarity and power to higher levels than ever thought possible. More advanced players will enjoy the Delta section, which includes unique proven chop building exercises that are specifically designed to help increase hand speed, clarity, and power in all drumming aspects. The video also includes a special guest appearance and lesson from Scott Johnson, the renowned drum instructor for the 2012 World Champion Concord Blues Devils.

Mel Bays Best Selling Drum Set / Percussion DVD - Stick Tricks by Chip Ritter